About Klub Gaja




Robin Wood doesn’t only use ecological materials, but also supports pro-ecological campaigns i.e. tree planting, horse keeping, or treatment of venerable trees. As part of these campaigns, our partner’s – Klub Gaja’s – experience, help and a steady dose of positive energy is invaluable.

Green Federation Gaja is one of the oldest independent NGOs in Poland dealing with natural environment protection and animal rights. Founded in 1988. For 28 years, it has been encouraging Poles to take real action for the benefit of the natural environment and to respect animal rights. Klub Gaja opens up a social debate about what it means to be ecological.

The members of Klub Gaja were the first ones to start the campaign against transporting horses to slaughter in Poland – the organisation has collected half a million signatures under the appeal to the polish Sejm, they purchase horses from the transports and they document any cases of their maltreatment. The organisation has also stood against the attempts of organising bull fighting in Poland, and against abusing animals in circuses. Through its ideals and campaigns they try to inspire and encourage the cooperation of distinct social, professional and cultural environments, as well as distinct generations of Poles.

Klub Gaja has been inspiring social initiatives for planting and protecting trees across Poland, from small towns to whole municipalities, for many years. These initiatives engage individual people and different walks of life. So far, nearly 780 thousand trees planted as a part of the Tree Day have been registered with ‘The Billion Tree Campaign’ initiated by the UN.

The association works with over four thousand facilities in the whole country. It has been consistently participating in building a civil society, creating new social attitudes stressing the value of day-to-day choices in relation with the nature and animal world. Klub Gaja reaches for unconventional methods and a wide range of art in its educational activities, workshops and events.

Klub Gaja is a non-profit organisation (KRS 0000120069).

Find out more: klubgaja.pl