Venerable trees are not only about beautiful canopies, stories and often legends among locals. They are extremely important for the entire ecosystem, and their exceptionality grows straight from their roots.

It is underground where the meaning of the old trees is so important. Different species of trees connect with each other into a system of roots exchanging chemical compounds (including CO2), and information. Venerable trees play a role of a real switchboard creating a pillar for functioning of the forest, its immunity to diseases and pests. Robin Wood recommends this TED TALK which sheds much more light on the entire mechanism.



Venerable trees have also an important function above the ground – they provide not only shelter for 30% of insects, are a source of food, attract pollinators, store big quantities of carbon dioxide, but also play a crucial role in the local hydrology.

Taking into account the costliness of the treatment process, Robin Wood decided to support Klub Gaja in its actions. We hope that popularization of the idea of venerable trees treatment and supporting ecological campaigns will help strengthen the forests.



According to the legend, over 1000-year-old Bolko oak tree is inseparably connected with the beginnings of the Polish state. Bolesław Chrobry would rest under its shadow during the expedition to Kiev in 1018. This majestic symbol of beauty is something to be proud of for the people in the whole region. Celebrated annually in Ruda Huta in August the oak’s name day,called Bolkowanie, attracts thousands of people who marvel upon the enormity and might of this tree-like statue. The municipality and its residents put effort to spread the word about Bolko and extend the mighty oak’s popularity. Bolko oak tree received “The tree of 2015″ award in the ‘The tree of the year” competition organized by Klub Gaja

The planned treatment:

– fertilization using a compound fertiliser
– fighting off fungus in the cavities by installing copper netting on the areas decomposed by fungus and soaking the cavities with a fungicide
– an examination to determine potential tree mortality
– creating a tree protection by planting trees around Grabowa alley in the vicinity of Bolko oak tree