Used eco-materials

Robin Wood chooses its materials carefully. Nothing is coincidental. It is a result of long lasting search, travels and arduous tests. All of this to make Robin Wood products not only solid and durable but most of all to make them the most neutral to the natural environment. And let’s not also forget about sensuous and hypoallergenic qualities of our products.

unique BAMBOO


All wooden sunglasses, watch cases and some of our watch straps are made of Robin Wood’s favourite material – bamboo. It is one of the most eco-friendly, natural materials – it grows extremely fast (even one meter per day!), its cultivation is efficient (it doesn’t consume big quantities of water and doesn’t require the use of pesticides). What’s more, it affects the environment in a benevolent way because it filters much more water and produces 30% more oxygen than trees! There’s a single conclusion – the more bamboo, the cleaner the air we breath in. Additionally, bamboo is harder than oak and at the same time more elastic.

Additional advantages of bamboo:

  • bamboo cultivation prevents aridity of land
  • the most ecological alternative for many materials
  • hypoallergenic – it doesn’t cause allergic reactions and irritation
  • antibacterial – bamboo eliminates around 70% of the bacteria from its surface
  • light – bamboo is pleasingly light when carried and it floats on water




The watch straps we make are made of oak cork. This tree is characterized by the ability to regenerate and the process of bark stripping can be repeated every 9-10 years starting since the tree reaches the age of 25. The lifespan of cork oak is around 250 years which allows to use its bark repeatedly. And what’s most important, the process of bark stripping itself does not harm the tree itself.

Additional advantages of cork:

  • biodegradable – cork is a natural material and 100% biodegradable
  • durable – cork is extremely resistant to mechanical damages
  • water resistant – cork does not soak in water or any other liquids
  • hypoallergenic – it doesn’t cause allergic reactions and irritation



The natural and ecological character of hemp emerges as early as at the stage of cultivation. Hemp does not need big amounts of water and it can grow almost in any climate. It is not needed to use artificial fertilisers for hemp cultivation. It does not affect the biological balance and it does not deplete natural resources. Additionally, hemp has very strong fibres, stronger than cotton. It is said that linen is worn by just one generation, but hemp is passed down from father to son.

Additional advantages of hemp:

  • unique durability
  • biodegradable – hemp is a natural material and 100% biodegradable
  • it does not absorb smells
  • hypoallergenic – hemp materials don’t cause allergic reactions and irritation